Kid Witness News

Driven by a mission to build A Better Life, A Better World, Panasonic launched Kid Witness News (KWN) in 1989. Since then over 180,000 children around the world have participated in the KWN program to share their message to the world through video storytelling.

Through KWN, children get a unique opportunity to reflect on the world they live in as well as what affects their everyday lives. Panasonic equips the children with the latest video production technology, lessons, and tools to share their story through a visual platform. These videos help us see the world through their eyes.

Videos created by the students are submitted to an annual awards contest in each participating country, and the national winners are recognized at the annual Global Awards Ceremony.

Program Mission, Vision, and Purpose

Panasonic’s social responsibility through KWN aims to build A Better Life, A Better World.

The global video education program’s purpose is to foster creativity and feature “The World Through Their Eyes” stories from the points of view of kid journalists. This program will help develop teamwork and communication skills through video production. KWN encourages students to seek new experiences and examine themselves in different roles.

This program is a platform for international exchange among KWN students in the Panasonic global network of KWN schools.

National Program

Supported by Panasonic Canada, this unique program provides participating elementary and secondary schools with video equipment and the inspiration for students to research, write, act in, produce, direct and edit storytelling videos.

With the support of their teachers, faculty and Panasonic volunteers across the country, students are given the opportunity to use a visual medium to express their thoughts and opinions on the KWN pillars of communication, ecology and sports.

Participants are encouraged to submit the student-created videos using their format of choice including news, documentary, drama or commercial for the chance to win regional and international recognition in the elementary and secondary school categories. Alongside winning schools from across the globe, one Canadian school may be awarded the opportunity to attend an all-expense paid trip to the KWN Global Summit in Tokyo, Japan.

For more, see Contest Rules.

Global Program

As a global program, KWN has been reaching new heights since its inception in 1989. In 2018, Panasonic hosted a Global Summit. Students around the world came together in Tokyo, Japan to experience many cultures and exchange diverse ideas. The Summit culminated in the KWN Global Awards Ceremony.

Visit the Panasonic KWN Global Site for more on Kid Witness News activities around the world.