Thank you for dropping by Panasonic Canada’s KWN site. Our kids always have something to say. We listened. Panasonic Canada reached out to schools across Canada and was one of 16 countries that participated in Panasonic’s 2018 Global KWN Summit in Tokyo.

Enjoy the highlights…


2018-Winner-Primary2018 National Winner (Primary School)
2018-Winner-Secondary2018 National Winner (Secondary School)
KWN Global Summit 2018 Highlights
KWN Global Summit 2018
“The World Through Their Eyes”
2017 National Winner
Global Contest Ceremony – Tokyo 2017


2018 Global WinnersGlobal Winners 2018
2018 National WinnersNational Winners 2018
2019-Global SummitGlobal Summit 2018
2017 KWN winnersGlobal Winners 2017
2017 KWN Canada WinnerNational Winner 2017
2017 KWN Global SummitGlobal Summit 2017