Kids Playground – KWN for Students

Welcome superstars! We will inspire you to be a master in film production.
What do you aspire to be?
Journalist. Videographer. Video Editor. Writer. Director. Producer. Interviewer.

Follow your curiosity and explore!

Over the next few months, you and your KWN teammates will produce videos on subjects that are important to you. They may be about the things you are studying in science, history, math or language. They may also be about local, national or international issues that are important to you. We’re sure you and your classmates will have a great time imagining, creating and submitting your video entry.

We encourage you to fully participate in learning to develop stories and scripts, research subjects and issues, conduct on-camera interviews, and report on-location stories as you work together with your KWN team.

You will discover the importance of “behind-the scenes” activities involved in producing a video; the fun you can have working with a video team and the pleasure and pride you can experience when you create an exciting video story.

As a KWN member, we hope you will realize your many capabilities and the unlimited potential you have to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

Check out the Student’s Guidebook – it’s a helpful tool for making your video.

Have fun!