Kid Witness News
The world through their eyes. Inspire your students. Unleash their creativity.
What is KWN?
KWN is a global hands-on video education program for students supported by Panasonic.Contributing to the realization of “A Better Life, A Better World”.
How does it work?
Panasonic provides participating schools with the latest digital equipment so students can create and communicate stories that are important to them and their communities.


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Welcome to KWN

Kid Witness News (KWN) is a global educational program sponsored by Panasonic. The KWN program aims to stimulate creativity based on children’s point of view as “The World Through Their Eyes,” build communication skills, and encourage teamwork among children in primary and secondary schools through fieldwork and other activities related to video production.

Since the program began in 1989, over 180,000 children have participated. Panasonic supports this program by providing participating schools with video equipment and manuals.

Join teachers around the world to inspire your students to be the next kid storyteller.

Panasonic’s Kid Witness News (KWN) has inspired thousands of kids around the world to share their story in a global platform. Your classroom can be the next one.

École Rockingham School (National Winner 2017)

“Loved the program! My students really enjoyed making movies and having that connection to Panasonic made it even more real to them! They also liked the opportunity to showcase their work on the national and international stage… I feel it was one of the major highlights of my teaching career.”

Andrew Stickings – Teacher, École Rockingham School

Videos: Kid Witness News (KWN)

National Winner 2017 – Canada
Global Contest Ceremony – Tokyo 2017
“The World Through Their Eyes”